Leland Vacation Rental

If you’re planning a trip to northern Michigan, a Leland vacation rental is an ideal choice for both relaxing and resting. Leland offers a wide variety of events, restaurants, beaches, hiking trails, and shops. You can relieve stress on the beach, walk around the downtown, or travel to local towns like Sutton’s Bay, Traverse City, or Northport, all accessible from a Leland vacation rental home. If you’re looking for the right place to stay, Leland has you covered with numerous things to do, such as:

  • Attend the Leland Wine & Food Festival, or the numerous sidewalk sales.
  • Take a trip down to Historic Fishtown and grab a sandwich on the docks.
  • Swim or tan at any of the local beaches, located right outside of downtown Leland.
  • Enjoy a Sunday breakfast, or a dinner near the water at one of Leland’s restaurants.
  • Set sail on Lake Michigan right off of Leland’s harbor, visiting Manitou Islands or just enjoying the lake.

Leland is known as one of the best sport fishing ports in Michigan, the Leland harbor grants easy access to Lake Michigan. Numerous parks and hiking trails provide fun and adventure both on land and off! It’s hard to be bored in Leland, and it’s hard to find better properties to rent. Schmidt-Rogers offers Leland vacation rental options that can fit a wide range of needs, whether you’re vacationing alone or traveling with your family, our rental homes will be a perfect getaway.

The Leland vacation rental properties that Schmidt-Rogers maintains are kept to a high standard, we’re always ready with a team of qualified workers if a problem ever arises. Our goal is to provide quality rentals, and with over 40 years of experience managing properties, we can make your vacation fun and enjoyable. Skip the stress when looking for a Leland vacation rental, you can be assured of quality and confident in your decision to go with Schmidt-Rogers.

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