Traverse City Vacation Rental

Thinking about a Traverse City vacation rental? Renting with Schmidt-Rogers means you can enjoy your vacation without worrying about poor quality rental options or unforeseen problems. Our skilled team is always ready to handle any situation as it arises. Our emphasis on maintenance means that all of the Traverse City vacation rental properties we manage are kept in great condition. Whether you’re looking for a cozy home with a fireplace, or a suite facing the beach, we offer a vacation rental that suits your needs.

Traverse City vacation rentals give you front-row access to all the best features of Traverse City. Only a short drive away from the downtown shopping & dining experience, a brisk walk from there to the beach at Grand Traverse Bay, and many spots to grab ice cream along the way. Relax in the summer sun while comfortably staying in a Traverse City vacation rental managed by Schmidt-Rogers. Schmidt-Rogers has over 40 years of experience managing vacation rentals and working with tenants and property owners. Our experience and dedication to building long-term relationships makes maintain our Traverse City vacation rentals a priority. We have offerings for you whether you’re doing a week-long fishing excursion, enjoying a break from work, or looking to attend the National Cherry Festival.

Explore our Traverse City vacation rental properties to see what one fits your needs the most. Our 7-night stay minimum means you can plan out an enjoyable vacation and take full advantage of what Traverse City has to offer. There’s never a shortage of activities or events going on, especially during the summer prime-time months. When the weather is nice, boating, hiking, beach volleyball, and swimming are always popular choices. Even when the sun isn’t shining, restaurants, classic movie theaters, museums, and plays are a great way to spend your time.

Plan a trip to Traverse City, and contact Schmidt-Rogers for quality vacation rental options. You can trust our experience and history to find a perfect home for your trip.

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