Vacation Property Management Leland

With a proven track record of over 40 years of experience, Schmidt-Rogers is the team to manage your vacation property in Leland!

Do you have a home, cottage or second home in Leland? Are you interested in leasing your property and providing residual income for your family, but don’t want all the headaches involved? Schmidt-Rogers has the experience to get the job done. For vacation property management in Leland, call Schmidt-Rogers!

At Schmidt-Rogers we help you realize your goals by achieving optimum rents from quality tenants and cost-effectively maintaining the condition of your property. Our experienced team members are equipped to handle each step in this process; we advertise your property, screen prospective tenants and execute leases. We respond to maintenance matters and tend to the details at the end of the contract. Our focus is on building and maintaining long term relationships.

Why hire a management company for your vacation property in Leland? Schmidt-Rogers will oversee your property. Depending on your contract, they may handle all the details from finding applicable tenant to making certain your property remains in top-notch condition. These are just a few of the components Schmidt-Rogers manages for your vacation property in Leland:

  • Finding quality tenants– Schmidt-Rogers knows how to find the right tenant(s) through extensive marketing, careful screening of tenant applications, and more.
  • Shorter vacancy time- An empty property means no income. Schmidt-Rogers is attuned to this fact and swift to act preparing the property for the next tenant
  • Maintenance- Owning a property means you’re responsible for ensuring everything remains in working order and upgrading when necessary — this includes the roof, appliances, locks, windows, etc. Schmidt-Rogers has instant access to quality contractors along with licensed, professional maintenance staff.
  • Forms & Reporting- Part of property management is issuing and managing all of the paperwork between the tenant and the landlord. This can come in handy come tax season. Allowing Schmidt-Rogers to organize the paper trail will help you get maximum deductions and credits permitted. Please check with your tax professional for these details.
  • Personal- Choosing Schmidt-Rogers to manage your vacation property in Leland saves you the time, money and headaches that come with ownership. Having them as a member of your team means you know your property is taken care of no matter where you are.

In Northern Michigan, we know that Leland is a hidden gem. A quaint, yet sophisticated town, Leland is walkable and boasts the amenities of a larger city while maintaining the small town feel.

Your vacant home or cottage could easily attract high dollar rentals when Schmidt-Rogers handles your vacation property management in Leland.

With an experienced, results-oriented staff headed by W. Bruce Rogers who has a proven track record of 40 years of management experience, Schmidt-Rogers is your team for vacation property management in Leland.

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